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The Sonic Connection

Consider these 4 things when choosing an internet provider for your business.
How does light traveling through glass become the future of internet connectivity?
America reaches a critical point, we have partnered with the FCC to develop a dedicated three-digit code for suicide prevention.
We have come a long way in 25 years, but have never strayed from our mission: to fix internet access in America by deploying fast, affordable, and reliable internet for our members.
Our goal is, and always has been, simple — fast, affordable internet for all.
Sonic remains committed to keeping our internet connections open and equal for all.
At Sonic, our goal is to deliver more and more value for our members, at a fair and simple price.
Today we have made changes to our Fusion service in order to further simplify the product, to improve service delivery, and to lower costs.
In 1996, Congress passed The Telecom Act to foster true competition in local communication services. And, it almost worked.
A quick guide to five levels of ISP evil.
Write to your representatives in hopes of preserving your right to privacy online.
We have just reduced the price for many of our Fusion services, again!
How can one of the most innovative and powerful countries in the world have the most inept internet?
We just dropped the price of our Fusion Broadband + Phone service for residential customers!
A la carte television has been talked about for years, but the linear/bundling model has been an unbreakable one in television.
Phishing is a growing problem on the internet, with criminals engaging in all sorts of ruses to steal personal and banking information.
Sonic is working toward deployment of equipment to serve next generation broadband products.
Having a domain name and your own website is something everyone should consider.