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Our Mission

Since 1994, Sonic has been committed to changing the way people think about the internet. We’re revolutionizing the industry by standing up in support of an open and fair internet, setting a refreshingly high standard for customer care, and bringing accessible, affordable connectivity with member-focused policies to all.

And that mission all starts with the people we hire.

Each career opening at Sonic is an opportunity for personal growth, career development, and most importantly, making a difference towards building a better internet for our shared local community and beyond. Whether you contribute by splicing fiber, installing homes, or assisting customers on the phone, you’re part of a company that is committed to the power of good.

Join a community of internet revolutionaries re-thinking, re-wiring, and re-imagining the future of the internet.

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Leaders in Customer Care

An Industry Leader in Customer Care

People say Sonic is a different kind of ISP. Maybe that's because we put the customer first: We hire nice people, we're here when you need us, and our privacy policies mean your data is safe with Sonic.


Over the years, Sonic has been consistently been awarded #1 by Consumer Reports, Fastest ISP in America by PC Magazine, Best Gaming ISP by PC Magazine along with regional awards since 2017.

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Sonic has been awarded a perfect score in privacy protections by the Electronic Frontier Foundation for five years, more than any other ISP.

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In 2019 and 2022, Sonic Internet was recognized by PC Magazine as the fastest internet service provider in the United States.

Net Promoter

Sonic’s average Net Promoter score is the most highly ranked of any ISP, and is provided directly from our customers and how likely they are to recommend Sonic. That hasn’t gone to our heads though. We continue to improve our customer care because we want to make sure every Sonic customer is satisfied with their service.

Best Gaming ISP 2022

Sonic was awarded Best Gaming ISP by PC Magazine in 2022.