Couple sit at home on sofa bed streaming tv with Sonic Fiber Internet.

Sonic makes TV easy.

No contracts, no hefty cable bill. Just your favorite channels.

Find out what speeds are available to you.

All you need is Sonic Fiber Internet, a Roku streaming device, and YouTube TV.

Family streaming tv on laptop at home.
Step One

Get Sonic Fiber Internet

Fast, uncapped internet up to 10Gbps and without contracts.

Roku remote control pointing at TV.
Step Two

Buy Roku Streaming Device

We recommend Roku players, from budget-friendly HD streamers to 4K powerhouses. There’s a Roku player for everyone.

YouTube TV logo on blurred background of TV shows.
Step Three

Buy YouTube TV Service

We recommend the highly-rated YouTube TV to replace your traditional cable connection. Offering 100+ live TV channels including news, sports, and shows.

Add on your favorite streaming services.

Once you’ve completed the steps above, you can add on any additional services you choose. Or, give Sonic a call to help you pick what’s best for you at 1-855-757-6111.

Why switch?

Breaking up with cable icon

Break up with cable

No more expensive cable bill or restrictive contracts.

Saving money icon

Save money

On average, households save $2,609 when they cancel cable, and start streaming TV.*

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Live Sports? New TV show? You got it. Pick and choose the streaming services you’ll actually watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TV Streaming?

TV Streaming is video content delivered over the internet instead of a traditional cable connection. It allows you the flexibility to pick and choose your own services instead of paying for channels you never watch, like with traditional cable. The faster your internet connection is, the better your experience for everyone in the household, on any device.

How fast does my internet need to be to stream TV?

The minimum recommended speed for streaming is 25Mbps*, but with evolving technologies such as 4K and more connected devices in the average home than ever before, we recommend finding the fastest, most affordable internet available to you. Sonic offers the fastest internet in America at up to 10Gbps, guaranteeing the best experience for everyone in your household. Never buffer again.

Does Sonic sell streaming devices?

Sonic doesn’t sell streaming devices or services, but we did the research for you: cut the cord with cable and purchase Sonic Fiber Internet + a Roku streaming device + YouTube TV for all your live TV needs. Then, you can add on any additional on-demand streaming service you’d like (Netflix, Max, Hulu).

*Minimum Mbps needed to stream 4K content according to FCC Consumer Guide