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Sonic uses a variety of technologies to deliver the fastest possible internet service to your address. Available technology and speeds may vary by location.

Learn more about the technology, maximum speeds, and installation details below.

Sonic Fiber-Optic Internet

10 Gbps speed graphic

Sonic-built 100% Fiber network provides the fastest, most reliable internet connection to your home, delivered over the most advanced technology available. Read more about fiber-optic internet.

Available services (varies by location)

  • 10 Gigabits Fiber
  • 1 Gigabit Fiber

Phone Features (Fusion Fiber Only)

  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone service
  • Sonic Fusion Fiber service comes with a Voice-Over-IP phone connection

Internet Features

  • Dynamic IP address
  • Symmetric upload/download speeds


Sonic Fiber installation is free of charge for new customers. Free self-installs may also be available if address was previously connected with Sonic Fiber.

Contract Buyout

Sonic will pay your remaining contract fee (up to $200). Available for new fiber customers only.

Sonic Fusion DSL

100 Mbps speed graphic

Delivered over Sonic VDSL (Very-high-bit-rate DSL) or Sonic ADSL2+ (Basic DSL) with varying speeds depending on proximity to the Central Office.

Available services (varies by location)

  • ADSL2+: Speeds up to 24Mbps download and 1.3Mbps upload
  • VDSL2: Speeds up to 100Mbps download and 100Mbbs upload

Phone Features

Landline phone: Our standard voice service works with your existing phones on your existing phone jacks. No special hardware is required. Includes:

  • 911 (emergency)
  • 611 (customer service)
  • 988 (suicide prevention)

Internet Features

  • Static IP available


Self-installation kits are provided free of charge. We include a step-by-step installation guide with troubleshooting tips. A technician installation will be offered immediately for customers having trouble with their install.

IP Broadband (Resold AT&T)

1 Gbps speed graphic

IP Broadband is a resold service delivered over AT&T’s IP network using Fiber-to-the-home or Fiber-to-the-node technology. IPBB is only offered when Sonic owned service is unavailable. While installation is delivered by AT&T, support and billing of the service is managed by Sonic.

Available services (varies by location)

  • Fusion IP Broadband X1, X2, and X3 at 20Mbps, 50Mbps, and 75Mbps
  • Fusion IP Broadband FX1, FX2, and FX3 at 50Mbps, 100Mbps, and 1Gbps

Phone Features

  • IP Broadband service includes a Voice-Over-IP phone connection. An Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA) will be provided to convert your internet connection to a telephone connection.

Internet Features

  • Dynamic IP address


IP Broadband is installed by an AT&T Technician. There is no installation fee. This service uses AT&T infrastructure and requires use of an AT&T supplied modem.

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Sonic was recently named the Best Gaming ISP as well as the Fastest ISP in America for 2022 by PC Magazine.

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Looking for home phone?

Our services provide what you need where you need it. Whether that’s an all inclusive package with a home phone connection or exclusive access to our Fiber speed internet. If selected, Sonic’s home phone services includes all of the these benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sonic Fusion?

Sonic Fusion is our residential or small business internet plus phone service package. We offer various Sonic Fusion products depending on your location. Check your address to see what services are available to you.

What’s the difference between Fusion IP Broadband and Fusion FTTH?

Fiber-to-the-Node (IP Broadband): Fiber service lines are fed to your neighborhood node, then copper wiring is connected to your home.

Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH or Sonic Fiber): Fiber-optic cables are connected from your neighborhood LCP (Local Convergence Point) directly to an ONT (Optical Network Terminal) device connected directly to your home. What does this mean for you? Crazy-fast, consistent speeds with no limiting copper connectivity. FTTH is only available in certain locations.

What are the speeds of the various Sonic internet services?

Sonic Fiber can get speeds up to 10 Gigabits. Sonic Fusion DSL offers speeds up to 100 Mbps, and Sonic Fusion IP Broadband through AT&T customers can get speeds ups to 1 Gigabit. See chart above for more details.

Does Sonic offer unlimited data?

Sonic does not impose any data caps on its plans for both fiber and DSL services. All plans include unlimited data.

Does Sonic charge for installation?

All Sonic internet plans include free installation.