Get a Free Static IP from Sonic

Written by Dane Jasper
December 13, 2011 | 2 min read

Our Fusion Broadband+Phone service is undergoing continual ongoing improvement, with new features and greater reach as the number of customers rapidly grows.

Our last few new features have been on the voice side, so it’s time for something new on the broadband side of the product.

When we launched Fusion we wanted to keep things simple — and a bit expensive — so we only offered static IPs in one configuration: a big block of eight bridged static IPs, for $20/mo for residential customers and $40/mo for business locations*.

This allowed us to manage our IP blocks in a simplistic way, with little allocation complexity and no fragmentation. It also kept the product easy to understand and sell; if you wanted static IPs, the eight-IP block was the only option to explain.

And, from those who really needed static IPs along with the speed that Fusion delivers, we could collect a bit more money. This was back when Fusion was broadband-only, (phone service was not yet included) and pricing was up to $55 for residential, so a $20 static IP wasn’t quite as disproportionate as it is with the contemporary $39.95 product today.

Times have changed, Fusion has gotten less expensive and loaded with more features. So, our next feature is more varied IP options, including an absolutely free 1-IP static configuration for our residential Fusion customers. (Don’t know what a static IP is and why this is so exciting? See the tech briefing, “What is a static IP?” for background.)

So, the new options for static IPs for Fusion are now as follows.

Residential static IP options:

4 IP: $10/mo
8 IP: $20/mo

Business static IP options*:

1 IP: $10/mo
4 IP: $20/mo
8 IP: $40/mo

And, IPs can now be set up in real-time, using our self-service Member Tools portal. You’ll find the Fusion IP configuration tool there, under Connectivity -> Fusion. There’s no need to call, and it’s quick and easy. Your new IPs and settings are provided in the tool, and the network provisioning changes are made just a few moments later, allowing you to coordinate this activity for a time most convenient for you.

Once your new IP block is set up, you will need to configure your modem, router or PC to utilize it. If this process is unfamiliar to you, reading and asking questions in the Access Forum is a good start. Please note that our free features are generally unsupported by phone, so please, look before you leap!

I hope you find this expanded set of IP options useful. Please share this article and include a commentabout what you will use your new static IP address for!

* Wondering why business IP pricing is higher than residential? Honestly, it’s what the market will bear. There is a dearth of well-priced broadband offerings that incorporate static IP for business customers. Product designed revenues are not always a direct reflection of actual costs, and some things contribute to billing at a higher level than others. That’s just the way things go.