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We put our members first, and that’s especially true when it comes to privacy.
Today we have made changes to our Fusion service in order to further simplify the product, to improve service delivery, and to lower costs.
Our last few new features have been on the voice side, so it’s time for something new on the broadband side of the product.
As our Fusion customer quantity grows, we are working diligently to improve the service.
One of the advantages of Sonic’s Fusion Broadband+Phone service is that it’s “POTS”; plain old telephone service.
We have just reduced the price for many of our Fusion services, again!
We just dropped the price of our Fusion Broadband + Phone service for residential customers!
Customers are doing more than ever with their fast Sonic Fusion service, with video being a primary application.
Roku started out with music streaming devices, then moved on to video a couple years ago. Their equipment and software is mature and feature rich, showing the polish of consistent updates.
Nearly 30% of households no longer have landline home phone service.
As mentioned in the status blog (formerly system MOTD), BroadLink Communications had a system failure in a critical component of their network today.
Sonic is working toward deployment of equipment to serve next generation broadband products.
Having a domain name and your own website is something everyone should consider.
Here are the initial launch products and prices. Note that these are standalone, delivered on a dedicated copper pair, so unlike today’s DSL, you don’t need to have a voice line and associated costs.