New Sonic Fusion Voice features

Written by Sonic Team
October 5, 2011 | 3 min read

As our Fusion customer quantity grows, we are working diligently to improve the service. So, I am very excited to tell you about our next set of free Fusion Phone features:

Call Forwarding:
This has been one of our most requested features. With our new free call forwarding feature, you can now forward your Fusion number anywhere you’d like — to your mobile, or a landline elsewhere. It’s handy when you travel too: forward your home or office Fusion number to your mobile.

You might also use forwarding if mobile service is poor at your home: give callers your Fusion number as your primary number to reach you, then turn on forwarding to your mobile when you depart your home. When you get home, turn off forwarding and take calls on your reliable Fusion landline. Callers  only need to know one number to reliability reach you, at home or away.

To turn on call forwarding, just dial *72 (star seven two) and follow the prompts. To turn it off, dial *73. You can also use our new voice portal (news on that below) to manage forwarding from any connected web browser.

Caller ID with Names:
Fusion Phone service has always included caller ID, a feature which traditional phone companies charge as much as ten dollars for. But, while we have always included the basic Caller ID with number, we didn’t provide the caller’s name because there is a per-call cost involved in accessing the unified carrier database that includes this information.

Now, because we have thousands of Fusion subscribers, it has become economical for us to include the name feature too. So, if the data is available, you will now see caller names along with their telephone number, for example your caller ID display would show 415-555-1212  JOHN SMITH. Newer telephones will even read the name out loud while you dash to the phone. Note that you will still see some callers appear as “UNKNOWN” or “WIRELESS CALLER”, but if a name is available in the database, we will provide it.

Also known as “rollover”, hunting with Fusion two-line service allows a small business or busy household to have their primary number ring on the second line if the first one is busy. If both lines are busy, you can send the call to voicemail.

When combined with FaxLine, a small business or home office can use one or two numbers, with or without hunting, plus a separate dedicated FaxLine fax number. Two-line Fusion also delivers broadband at twice the speed, so that’s another bonus! If you’d like to upgrade to two-line service, just contact us to get started.

Voice portal:
To manage this growing array of features, we have launched a new Fusion voice management web portal. You can manage features like voicemail, call waiting and forwarding, plus view call details. Here is a complete list of the Fusion voice features and settings which you can manage online today:

Voicemail settings
Call waiting configuration
Caller ID blocking
International call blocking
Call forwarding

To access the Fusion voice portal, visit the voice portal in the Member Tools. Here is a direct link to the voice section:

Support & Forum:
Support is super-duper busy setting up new customers, so if you have questions about using these features or about Fusion voice service in general, it would be very helpful if you would visit our voice forum at:

Please tell a friend!

As you have probably noticed, your Fusion service gets better as we grow. Subscriber growth is the key, so I am asking for your assistance: please tell a friend or neighbor about Fusion today. Just ask, “Have you heard about Fusion from” If they haven’t, tell them about us, and encourage them to visit the site to learn more and to switch. If you do, I promise that we will keep giving you more and more groundbreaking capabilities!

The Fusion vision is to build the ideal service: fast unlimited broadband with strong privacy policies, plus unlimited phone service and lots of features included free. Thank you for your support as we continue to work to make our vision a reality.

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