Broadband Nutrition Labels Create More Transparency For Consumers

Written by Dane Jasper
March 27, 2024 | 2 min read

Most Internet Service Providers have long preyed on consumers by presenting confusing rates and product bundles. So, when the FCC announced requirements to present clear, standardized product information for consumers to make the best, informed decision, we unequivocally supported. Unlike many of Sonic’s competitors who fought against this ruling for years, we strongly believe this to be a huge win for consumers.

This new guideline requires providers to present a clear, standardized ‘broadband nutrition label’ at the point of sale. These labels outline all monthly charges and fees, latency, speeds, and insight into network management practices and privacy policies for each carrier. Much as you would evaluate the calorie count on your morning muffin, you can now evaluate internet providers on an equal playing field without an exhaustive amount of research. This means more transparency for consumers into what their bills will be and more pressure on industry giants to do better.

Sonic offers the fastest speed available to your location for one low price, no matter where you are. For us, it was an easy adjustment: our products are already simple and our pricing is straightforward. Because of that, we’re launching our broadband labels early for you to review.

While it may take old cable and telephone companies some time to get used to, we believe this new guideline will force competition to finally disclose the true cost of service, show the limitations of usage caps, and set clearer expectations for consumers. The idea of transparency that is embodied by the simple to understand label is awesome, and we're excited to further illustrate that Sonic is the fastest, most affordable internet available.