Sonic understands the affect and influence internet service can have on our communities.

America reaches a critical point, we have partnered with the FCC to develop a dedicated three-digit code for suicide prevention.
We have come a long way in 25 years, but have never strayed from our mission: to fix internet access in America by deploying fast, affordable, and reliable internet for our members.
Our goal is, and always has been, simple — fast, affordable internet for all.
Sonic remains committed to keeping our internet connections open and equal for all.
It has been more than three weeks since the fires started in the North Bay area, and while the fires are extinguished, the difficult process of recovery has only just begun.
An open letter to the 423 members of the Sonic team.
The outpouring of support for Net Neutrality Day was nothing short of inspiring. Over 2 million comments, 5 million emails, and 125,000 calls were made to the FCC.
Americans pay far more for their broadband and get less than citizens of most other developed nations.
As more and more broadband providers have instituted caps, I have continued to say that caps are really not necessary.
Sonic today announced it has been selected to operate and support the trial fiber-to-the-home network Google is building at Stanford University.
A la carte television has been talked about for years, but the linear/bundling model has been an unbreakable one in television.
As reported by CNet today, California’s governor and Attorney General are asking California Internet service providers to help stop the illegal dissemination of child pornography.