Local, honest and unscripted — that's Sonic

People say Sonic is a different kind of ISP. We answer our phones, talk to customers with kindness, and try to resolve issues as soon as possible. We think that's just the right way to run a business.

An Industry Leader in Customer Care

Our Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter asks how likely customers are to recommend Sonic. Our 2016 average of 60.7 is 15 times higher than the average ISP rating.

Sonic’s median Net Promoter Score in 2016 was 60.7. What does this mean? Well, it’s all relative to the rest of industry, and the average for Internet Service Providers in 2016 was a paltry 4.0, with some of our competitors even receiving negatives NPS scores. That hasn’t gone to our heads though. We continue to improve our customer care because we want to make sure every Sonic customer is satisfied with their service.

Electronic Frontier Foundation

The EFF produces a nearly annual review of the tech companies who protect their users privacy, and stand up against unlawful or unwarranted surveillance by government entities. Sonic has received a perfect 5-star rating in each review. Click below to learn more about the EFF’s “Who Has Your Back” report.

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports rated Sonic #1 in the West and #2 in the U.S. because of our speed, affordability, and fantastic customer service.

Learn more about the ranking on Consumer Reports.

What Our Customers Say