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Whole-Home WiFi

eero blankets your entire home in smooth, dependable WiFi. Every nook and cranny receives the same level of connectivity, ensuring you can stream, upload, and download to your heart’s content from any corner of your home.

Network Privacy

Every aspect of your eero system is protected with automatic security updates that are downloaded regularly, ensuring your network is always secure.

TrueMesh™ Technology

With eero’s TrueMesh™ technology, your connection balances dynamically whenever an obstacle is identified. Instead of your connection slowing down due to a congested point, eero simply reroutes traffic to keep things running smoothly.

Works with your home.

eero Pro

A powerful tri-band router, eero Pro is designed to seamlessly expand and improve the speed and reliability of your home WiFi system. It’s designed with two Ethernet ports for easy connectivity.

eero Beacon

The bite-sized version of eero, eero Beacon is compact and cordless, and perfect for an additional extension of your network’s range. It’s ideal for hallways, bedrooms, and those harder-to-reach zones.

Your whole network in your hands.

With the eero app, you can run diagnoses on your own network at the touch of a button. It also allows you to troubleshoot and pinpoint any issues for adjustment quickly and easily if the need ever arises.

The eero app allows you to implement parental controls, like setting a schedule for certain devices, that are simple to check, adjust, and turn on and off.

Easily grant access to your network to anyone in your home, so no one has to spend an hour searching the house for the WiFi password ever again.

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