Sonic deepens $40 1 Gbps service footprint in San Francisco metro

Sonic, an independent ISP serving Northern California, has expanded the reach of its $40-a-month 1 Gbps service to over four new San Francisco neighborhoods in a market that's lacked true broadband choice. 

Starting in the southern portion of The Mission, Sonic will make the service available to the surrounding communities of Noe Valley, The Castro, Dolores Heights, Glen Park, Potrero Hill, and Sunnyside in the coming months.

Residents can check service availability and order today at

While San Francisco is a hot bed for technology innovation, the city ironically lacks an array of affordable broadband options. Part of this is related to local ordinances that have made it challenging for service providers to build out network facilities.

Sonic’s key competitor AT&T found themselves engaged in a battle over where to place its remote terminal (RT) boxes to house network equipment to support its U-verse broadband and IPTV services.

In 2014, AT&T filed a suit against San Francisco over its protest to the telco's proposed placement of utility boxes on city sidewalks that will house the VRAD equipment to support its U-verse broadband and IPTV service.

“There was a real backlash in San Francisco about the fiber to the node cabinets that were involved in the U-verse deployments so AT&T packed up its toys and left town with regards to new deployments for a number of years,” Jasper said. “As a result, cable systems did not see much need to upgrade either.”

Jasper added that “San Francisco has been one of the most poorly connected large cities in America.”