Fiber Phone Battery Backup

UPS for Sonic Fiber Phone Customers

Uninterrupted Power Supply

Sonic’s fiber phone service operates differently from a traditional landline. Without a backup battery, otherwise known as a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), your Sonic Fiber phone service will disconnect if you lose power.

During a Power Outage

Sonic’s phone service allows you make phone calls like a traditional telephone line. However, since it is powered through an electrical connection, you will lose phone service during a power outage without a UPS. As long as you have a battery backup properly connected and you are not using a cordless phone, you’ll be able to make calls for a number of hours after loss of power.

Please also note:

  • Cordless phones, or any other powered equipment connected to the telephone line, will NOT work during a power outage (e.g. telecommunications devices used to assist customers with disabilities may require their own battery).
  • Limit the use of your backup power to voice emergency calling only.

How to Acquire a UPS

Sonic offers two battery backup options when you order Sonic Fiber service: one providing 8 hours of backup power ($99+tax) and one providing 24 hours of backup power ($299+tax). Purchases of UPS's through Sonic, prior to installation, come with free technician installation and are warranted for one year. See more about our warranty terms here. If your Sonic service has not yet been installed, you can request a backup battery from your Sonic technician during your service installation.

Alternatively, you can purchase a UPS from another vendor such as Amazon. In order to support your Sonic fiber phone service, the battery purchase should provide a minimum of 75 watts and 125 VA (volt amps). Sonic recommends a dedicated UPS for the Sonic fiber phone equipment, and our specifications are based on powering only the Sonic fiber phone equipment.

Note: Once you purchase your UPS from Sonic or another vendor, you are responsible for continuous monitoring, replacement, and any events that occur during a power outage.

Sonic Battery Backup Warranty

Sonic offers a one year warranty on all UPS purchases. Sonic will not provide replacement equipment unless a defect has occurred. If a defect arises during the one year warranty period, Sonic will exchange the product for a new UPS or refund the original purchase price. This warranty is only applicable if you remain at the address where the battery was first installed. This warranty covers only those defects that arise as a result of normal use of the battery. Your UPS should be easily accessible at all times in case of an emergency. Battery performance will be diminished if not kept in dry conditions within a temperature range of 32° F to 113° F (0° C to 45° C). Battery performance can also be reduced by the age of the device and the number of power outages.

UPS Installation

Outlined below are few different options for installation of your UPS. If you would like to request a UPS from Sonic, you can do so at the time of ordering service or you can ask your installer during your installation.

  1. If you request your UPS from Sonic prior to your installation or during your installation, our Sonic installation team will take care of installing it for you at no extra charge. The UPS must be installed adjacent to the ONT (Optical Network Terminal).
  2. If your Sonic internet has already been installed without a battery, you can purchase a UPS from another vendor and install it yourself. This can be accomplished by connecting the UPS to a power outlet, unplugging your Sonic Fiber-to-the-Home ONT (Optical Network Terminal) power supply, and connecting the ONT power supply to the UPS. For more details, refer to the battery manufacturer's website.

Customer Battery Monitoring

Regardless of the source of your UPS, you are responsible for monitoring and battery replacement. Don’t forget to regularly monitor your UPS.  Most batteries have a ‘status’ light on the top of the unit. Typically, a green light means that the unit is working properly and a red light means that the battery needs to be replaced. For more specific questions, contact the battery manufacturer listed on the UPS.

See the table below for the indicators to look for when monitoring Sonic-supplied equipment:

Sonic Battery Type Monitoring - ‘Indicators’ What to do
PSI 8 hour battery backup (NXG-Vision Micro UPS, model #PS18L-U2)

Lights: the “battery” light will be solid green if your battery is fully charged. If your battery is not fully charged, the light will be solid red. The “system status” light will be green if the system indicates a normal mode of operation.

If either of these indicators are showing a red light, you must replace the battery backup immediately to avoid loss of service during a power outage.

PSI 24 hour battery backup (Li-36 Micro UPS, model #PS36L-U7-2)

Lights: The "System status" light will illuminate solid green in normal operation under AC power load.

The "Battery" light will illuminate solid red if a battery needs to be serviced or replaced, or is not installed properly.

The "Mute" light will flash yellow if the audible alarm has been silenced for 24 hours and will illuminate solid yellow if the alarm is silenced until manually enabled.

The "DC" button will illuminate green if the UPS is working off of standby power (no AC power load).

If the "Battery" indicator is showing a red light, check to ensure the battery is seated properly. If so, you must replace the battery backup immediately to avoid loss of service during a power outage.

Replacement Batteries

You can purchase a UPS from a vendor like Amazon or Newegg that adheres to our battery parameters: A 125 VA (volt-amps) UPS or greater, which supplies at least 75 watts.

For batteries purchased from Sonic, please see our warranty details for what is covered.

For any other questions about Sonic UPS equipment, please contact Sonic at 1-888-766-4233.

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