Our CEO and Co-Founder: Dane Jasper

Jasper co-founded Sonic, an internet and telecommunications company, in 1994, at a time when many people hadn’t yet heard the terms Internet, email address or World Wide Web. Today, Sonic is the largest independent Internet service provider in Northern California. “As a 20-year industry veteran, I've seen a lot of change, but I remain committed to the concept of alternative competitive broadband access services.” From its Fusion phone and data service to its recent roll-out of Gigabit fiber Internet, Sonic is breaking new ground in broadband access.

Under Jasper’s guidance, Sonic established privacy policies that have become the industry’s gold standard, and Sonic has received a perfect 6-point privacy score from the Electronic Frontier Foundation since the EFF’s inception. Sonic is hailed for taking exceptional care of its customers; something that is rare within the industry. Jasper is an industry-wide key influencer with a devout following, expressing his opinions on topics such as Net Neutrality, security and regulatory policy.

Dane Jasper is a natural born networker. “I’ve been in business since I was a kid. I had my first business cards when I was 12. Who can turn away a kid from the doorstep who says ’Good morning sir, here is my card, may I mow your lawn?’"

Dane Jasper resides with his wife and their three children in Healdsburg, California.