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Privacy protection you can count on
We never voluntarily sell or share your private information. Your personal data is safe with us, especially because we delete user logs every two weeks. Your Sonic service also includes a free VPN, so your home’s connection is even more secure.
Transparent policies
We make our commitment to you crystal clear with privacy policies that are front and center, easy to understand, and that always put you first.
Committed to your peace of mind
Sonic is consistently awarded a perfect score by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which ranks providers in customer privacy and security.

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What Sonic service is available to me?

Sounds Like Sonic

Sonic Service Features.

No data caps, limits, or throttling

No installation fees

15 email accounts, 1GB of storage

Personal web hosting and new domain

Member-focused privacy policies

Free VPN

Fax-to-email service

Spam Call Blocking

Unlimited calling to 60+ countries

A Different Kind of Internet Service Provider.

A Leader in Customer Care

Our Customer Care team is friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate about helping our members get the most out of their Sonic service. We believe there’s nothing more important than the power of being nice.

Internet with Integrity

We delete user data every two weeks, and pledge to never voluntarily sell or share our members’ private information. We also uphold the principles of net neutrality. Sonic has your back when it comes to online rights and your personal security.

Supporting Our Local Community

Established in 1994, we’ve been serving our shared local community for years and counting. We’re proud to be committed to delivering the fastest, cheapest internet available to the Bay Area and beyond.