Internet for Good

When you choose Sonic as your ISP, you get more than just the fastest, cheapest internet available. You’re also supporting a provider who believes in the power of good. That means you’re choosing privacy practices you can trust, a net neutrality stance you can celebrate, and a commitment to serving and supporting our shared local community.

Super fast internet, and a company you can count on to do good.


We might align ourselves with other internet access providers... ...but I think it is more important to stand up for the consumers.

- Dane Jasper, Sonic CEO

Share the Good

We love when our members spread the good word. Whether it's about our speed, price, or policy, Sonic is doing good by our customers.

Net Neutrality Lives on with Sonic

Sonic continues to stand up for the principles of net neutrality, and a fair and open internet for all. We don’t slow down or block access to any sites—and that will never change.

Industry Leading Privacy Policies

We delete user data every two weeks, and pledge never to sell or share our member’s private information. Sonic has your back when it comes to online rights and your personal security.

Sonic in the Press

Good Neighbor

Bay Area born and raised, Sonic is committed to giving back to our shared local community, starting with the belief that fast, reliable internet should be accessible and affordable to all. But, we don’t stop there. We partner with other local businesses, non-profits, and charities to support our neighbors and put your dollars to good use, close to home. Meet just some of our amazing partners.

Join the Campaign

The internet is pretty special. It connects us, providing endless opportunities to learn, grow, and share. Whether you’re video chatting your mom or searching for volunteer opportunities in your neighborhood, Sonic believes in using the power of the internet for good. Follow us on Social and join the movement! We’ll be sharing prompts, tips, and examples of ways to utilize the internet to spread good. And by choosing Sonic, our members do good every time they go online.

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