Fast, Reliable Speeds All Year Round

Gigabit Fiber streams at smooth, symmetric speeds up to 1,000Mbps. Perfect for downloading that cookie-decorating tutorial.

Warm & Fuzzy Customer Care

Our Customer Care team is super friendly, super smart, and always ready to spread some cheer. Kinda like elves. But located in the North Bay, not the North Pole!

Lighting Up Your Neighborhood

Established in 1994, we’re proud to have delivered the joy of internet to our local community for 24 years and counting.

Gigabit Fiber: Faster Than Magic Reindeer

Sonic Gigabit Fiber streams at a symmetric 1,000Mbps, 20x faster than the national average. That means both uploads and downloads are equally supported on the same fast, reliable network.

Get Gigabit Speeds from an ISP you can believe in.