Bart LP

Meet Bud Snow.

In the collaborative spirit of Berkeley, Sonic has joined forces with local artist Bud Snow. Bud’s vibrant style can be seen in contemporary galleries, public arts spaces, and street-style murals throughout the Bay Area and beyond. She has been featured in Juxtapose, KQED, and The Press Democrat. Her unique ability to turn big ideas into entrancing graphics makes her work inviting and thought-provoking for viewers of all ages and backgrounds.

This art installation is a testament to the shared commitment of Sonic + Bud Snow to serve our local community. We’re offering the public rich art and joyful exuberance rather than cold, stale advertising. We are happy to use our platform to support local arts, spread joy, and of course reflect the shared values of both Sonic and the people of Berkeley.

Bud Snow is a Mural Painter, Public Artist, and Photographer originally from Vancouver BC, currently located in the East Bay Area. See more of her work on her website and on Instagram.

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